Even better, the comfortable room for your service station is a comfortable room standby or cafeteria – again this additional source comes.

Of course, the day of the repair shop is opened, if you have no limitless money, you will not equip all your experts to provide all the services without exception.

Ideally you need to keep an expert who can easily replace each other. If you can’t do this, you can hire a person with lower qualified skips for tires and repairers – a higher one.

As our vehicle service will work seven days a week, we need two shifts for two shifts (2 foreman + 1 tire assembly workers), one accountant, 2 cashiers and 2 cleaners each.

You must understand that your car service will need to deposit large sums for a time to start working, but this is not the only problem.

With a large customer network, you can earn at least 500,000 rubles per month with a normal working car service.

In such a scenario the first investment of 700,000 rubles can be returned within 7 months. However, you cannot immediately acquire such acceleration.

In the first months, even perhaps up to six months, you will either work as minus or barely afford the necessary costs. Therefore, according to experts, average reimbursement period for a car service is 1-1.5 years.

No longer how to open a car service from scratch, how much money you need to carry out your dream and to own a service station, and what steps should you follow the steps to start a Startup as soon as possible. You understand. .

As you can see, the car service is profitable, fast repayment business, and even high competition on the market cannot prevent the owner from getting profits.

On this page, you can download or read a car service business plan for free. The recommended sample business plan is as follows: ready template can create a car service business plan for your special conditions.

The situation in the automobile service market depends directly to the development trends of the native vehicle fleet. In the last 10 years, 2.5 times increased and consists of more than 30 million cars at the moment. This figure is increasing 8-8.5% per year.

At the same time, only 170 cars per thousand Russians are falling, which is almost four times lower than the level of developed countries. So, in the near future the Russian car fleet only expects growth and is quite active. Therefore, in relation to car services, a positive situation developed – a stable and significant increase in the number of potential consumers of these services. As for the car services, the numbers are increasing and the prevalence of the networks still cannot be monitored.

The structure of the care market has not yet been clearly defined. Of course there is a certain expertise, we can talk about several vertical levels. At the same time, there are very little recognized brands: The same car service can work with both Mercedes and Vas products. Now there are four levels of the market.

First, the seat selection … In the first stage, the surrounding area should be evaluated for outdoor advertising. The best option is the location of the car service – the highways, gas stations, alongside garage complexes.

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